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Management Services for Owners

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Full Service Management

  • Our Agency is a month-to-month contract automatically renewing each term unless either party terminates Agency agreement by 30 day written notice.
  • We screen thoroughly to provide owners qualified applicants in a timely manner to minimize vacancy time, loss revenue and frequent turnover.
  • Dedication to providing outstanding Property Management services, personal attention to your property and its residents.
  • No Non-Refundable fees charged to owner or applicant (except application screening) to assure good faith in placing residents timely, qualified and for long term residency.



  • Encore Property Management does not require setup fees, start up fees, re-rent fees or such.  We simply work on commission of gross rents received in reference to the property being rented.
  • Single Family Residence is 9% of gross monies received.
  • Necessary cleaning and repairs to a vacant property to enable property to be "Ready To Rent" are the financial responsibility of Owner (if applicable) if we are taking on a new property.  We will receive bids and oversee cleaning/repairs as necessary.
  • Necessary cleaning and repairs to a vacated property by a prior occupant to quickly prepare the property back to a "Ready To Rent" condition is the financial responsbility fo the prior occupant and taken from any and all security/cleaning deposits.


Placement Service (option in place of Full Service)

  • This "Placement" service consists of screening and placing a resident in your unit and providing all necessary documents drafted to your request.
  • The fee for this service is equal to 1/2 of the monthly rent amount on the rental agreement.

Property Inspections

  • A new occupied listing, we personally inspect each unit, obtain updated form signatures.
  • Photo documentation completed upon vacancy when necessary.
  • Exterior drive by inspections are completed on a weekly/monthly basis minimum.
  • Interior inspections are completed randomly.  If concerns arise, we enter and inspect a unit as often as necessary to ensure proper care is being taken of your investment.
  • Upon inspection, if repairs, maintenance or improvements are found, we contact you personally to discuss and provide written estimates for your approval.



  • Encore Property Management provides most types of advertising available to assure your property is rented timely.  Commission based management is better to assure timely rental.
  • We provide Lawn Signs on the property.  Webpage with complete description, requirements and photos of all availabilities and Vacancy Listings accessible 24 hours a day.  Our webpage offers detailed information, photos, forms for downloading and direct e-mail.  Updates are continuous and fresh.
  • We advertise randomly with a variety of new sources as we learn including Craigs List and Postletts to keep your listings fresh.
  • Owners pay for media advertising.  Currently, billable advertising sources include The Bend Bulletin, Now Renting Magazine and smaller city papers and Ad Channels if requested.
  • Ad charges billable to the owner are kept limited by sharing with similar properties to keep costs down.
  • We are known for our quality listings, high standards and personal service.  This has enabled us to reach large ranges of applicants to assure successful matching/placement as best as possible.

Resident Screening Practices

  • All parties over the age of 18 are required to complete applications and go through screening.
  • Application charges are a one time charge of $40.00 per person, paid by applicant.  This charge ensures serious inquiries who agree to background screening and are informed of screening criteria prior to applying.
  • Our screening criteria has been established at high standards for thorough screening of applicants to ensure quality residents and residents who will maintain property in an appropriate manner.
  • We use a 5 step screening process:


  1. Credit History
  2. Personal References
  3. Rental References
  4. Employment History
  5. Criminal Background and FED (evictions) History
  • Applications are reviewed with Owners prior to approval when requested by Owner.
  • Interviews are performed with all residential candidates and pets to pre-address concerns or questions prior to acceptance of application.


Move-In Finances and Rent Collection

  • All residents are required to pay a pro-rated rent if moving mid month.  A minimum security/cleaning deposit is required at move in equal to one and one half times the monthly rent.  If pets are considered on the property, a minimum $250.00 per pet deposit is required.  Additional deposits and/or last months rent are considered at Owners discretion based solely on screening outcome.
  • All rents are due at the 1st of each month.
  • Late charges are assessed to tenant ledger effective the 5th of each month.  Late fees collected are payable to our property owner(s). 
  • Notice of Non Payment of Rent is posted if resident has not paid all or part of their rent on the 5th/8th day of each month.
  • Evictions are completed as necessary at no additional charge (other than court fees).
  • Collections are completed diligently to assure proper retrieval of any/all monies owed above and beyond held deposits.
  • Methods of collection include credit reporting, collection agencies, small claims filing (if available), garnishment of wages (if available) and IRS reporting (if agreed by Owner).

Monthly Reports and Annual Breakdowns

  • Monthly, each owner will receive a detailed statement documenting all activity and original billings of any expenses incurred.
  • We provide direct depositing of Owner Proceeds to your bank account.  Saves time and the possibilities of loss due to mailing.  Your monthly statement will follow documenting the date of your proceeds deposited and all monthly activity.
  • Annual 1099 mailing complete with annual overview of all monies received and expenses incurred to provide easy, accurate tax filing.
  • We pay all monthly bills for utilities and/or repairs.  If requested, we will also pay mortgages, insurance & taxes through your account.  This assists in complete annual accounting of all necessaries related to your property.
  • Final accountings provided to all residents upon move out, inspection and necessaries are completed.  We concentrate on maintaining your property in top condition and presenting it back on the rental market quickly to reduce vacancy rates and income as well as providing our advertising properties are shown in top condition.

Efficient/Prompt Repairs

  • 24-hour voice activated voice messaging center.
  • Calls received, returned and repairs issued 7 days a week.
  • All contractors are licensed and bonded.
  • Contractors guarantee the most reasonable prices on material and labor while providing quality professional service.
  • Owners are contacted with repairs to assure proper handling of your investment property and dollar.
  • Non-emergency repairs are issued and conducted on the same or next business day to assure lowest rates.
  • Follow-ups are completed with residents to verify work is completed promptly and entirely. This establishes a friendly, efficient working relationship.


  • We welcome communication and close working relationships with Property Owners and Residents.
  • Good communication provides better understanding of responsibilities and expectations.
  • We provide periodic letters to Owners and Residents with updated information and friendly reminders of all areas from financial/economical issues, landlord/tenant law, maintenance/cleaning and property preparation issues through all changes of seasons.
  • Email and website updates as well.


This is an overview of our services.  Please feel free to read through our Services Agreement and contact our office if you have any questions.

Shannon Smith
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